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6th and 7th October
Paleo painting workshop

For whom?

The Paleo Painting Workshop is ideally designed for families and nature lovers, who are visiting Engelberg on a rainy or bad weather day, and are looking for indoor activities with a cultural and educative thematic.

How long?

The workshop is between  2 and 3 hours long.

What is the content?

The workshop includes a brief introduction to Paleo painting and natural pigments. Followed by the examination of rocks and natural elements which can be found in Engelberg. Participants will have the chance of elaborating their own pigments, and finally, use them on a canvas or special paper to create their paleo painting.

How many people?

Due to COVID restrictions, only one family with children per workshop. In the case of individuals or couples, 2 workshops can be given simultaneously, but with a maximum of 4 people (2x2). 

How much does it cost?

The basic price for the workshop is 90 Swiss Francs. Families with more than 2 children may be charged a higher price due to the use of material and space.

What does it include?

The use of infographic material, tools for elaborating the pigments, some prepared pigments.

The use of brushes for painting.

A medium-size canvas (40x70, 50x70 cm) or 2 small canvas or 2 pieces of Japanese paper (30x30cm, 30x40cm)

When is the next workshop?

On Wednesday 6th of October, from 12 pm onward (12-15pm, 13-16pm,...)

On Thursday, October 7th, from 10 am onward. 

What else should I know?

The workshop is taking place in an indoor room without a heating system, so bring warm clothes which are suitable for some dirty work.

The closest WC is 3 minutes away.

Do I need COVID certificate?

For a single-family, or group, or couple, it is not required a COVID certificate.

When 2 workshops are given simultaneously, COVID certificate is required.

Ask if you have any question.

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